7 Places to Find Sales Leads

So many of us in minor league  sports are always trying to be creative, and find new leads in small markets.  Without those expensive, big ticket lists which we could buy (actually, we can’t buy), it is often left to the ticket reps to come up with new leads.  I know an organization like the Devils can stick a bunch of kids in a room with a phone and a list and say, “Now go meet your goal!”  Having kids of my own and a whole slew of twenty-something nieces and nephews, I can’t imagine unloading the task on them with no guidance….so here it is for all of you that are spending a 40 hour work week with a phone and no list….the top 7 places to find sales leads.

1. Local newspaper – read, read, read.  See who’s advertising, who has a community event planned, what companies are launching products.  Sunday is the best day, especially because most of the advertising is done on Sundays.   Read your local paper and you’re bound to come up with some good information

2. Networking Events – Hit the networking scene in your business and in your geographic area – Rotaries, Chambers of Commerce, Women in Business, Downtown Associations.  These are hotbeds for sharing information and sharing lists.

3. Radio Stations – Drive around with your radio on, or better yet put the headphones on at your desk and take notes on who’s advertising, what geographic areas are the companies from, even what public service announcements are being played.  If the station is running PSAs for the local animal shelter contact them to see if they might be interested in doing a fundraiser at one of your games.

4. Street Fairs, Festivals and Community Events – get a table and gather names – some you’ll need to pay to get entrance into, but many you won’t.  Find out where they are and get there.  People at festivals and fairs are usually in a good mood making it much easier to collect email addresses and even phone numbers.

5. Single Game Buyers – This is a great way to get leads, but is often overlooked.   Head to the box office and find out who bought single tickets to one or two of your games or events.  Contact those people and offer them a package – a small five game package may cost less than if they were to come to three events individually.

6. Partner with Like-Minded Events or Attractions – Find out who your like-minded events are and partner with them.  If your demographic is families, hit up the aquariums, park events, and other family sporting events and tournaments.  Find ways to partner with people seeking the same or similar audiences as your team is.

7. Referrals from existing clients – I know in the fundraising world there is a saying that goes, “If you want to raise money, ask for advice.” Approach ticket selling in the same way.  If you’re doing your job you should have some kind of relationship with your current ticket holders. Talk with them about your goals and building a fan base and see if they can provide referrals for building that fan base.  Often time with this approach, seasoned fans are quick to help.

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