Baltic and Mediterranean

Lesson #1 I learned long ago…when you are playing Monopoly always try to get Baltic and Mediterranean….everyone wants Boardwalk and Park Place, but I always felt Baltic and Mediterranean were more valuable….yeah they were cheap….but think about it….everyone usually lands on them and everyone always has money on them when they do because they just passed go and received $200….if you get Baltic and Mediterranean then you have to try and get the rest of the properties on this side of the board and you can control the first thing that happens to everyone coming around the board….now how does this pertain to real life sales….well don’t exclude anyone because they aren’t Boardwalk and Park Place….go after the Baltics and Mediterraneans of your world….they are cheaper, but they are usually the low hanging fruit that you can gather quickly….they are also usually easy to work with and want to help promote more and get creative to survive in the big landscape….in the end you will receive more from Baltic and Mediterranean than you will with Boardwalk and Park Place….

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