It’s never what it seems……

As the seasons seem to wind down and wrap up and front offices and coaching staffs across the board are evaluating their programs for next year, it makes this seasoned general manager remember that the more you know, the more it never appears as it seems.

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In a recent Eye on College Football Blog by Tom Fornelli, he shares how Purdue head coach, Danny Hope, blames his firing on decreased ticket sales.  Hope argues that his team qualified for a Bowl game two years in a row, and still he gets fired.  I suppose a coach with a 22-27 record in his four seasons of coaching at Purdue just wasn’t’ enough for him to keep his job – certainly not my job to judge whether that’s a good decision or not.   Fascinating to me though that decreasing ticket sales were a consideration in whether that coach stayed or went.  Maybe it wasn’t about his record at all.

I was reminded this past weekend about a broadcaster from Columbus Blue Jackets who even after his team continued to lose, he announced those games like that was the greatest team ever to take the ice.  He still has a job.

It’s the same when I open the paper and read about local high school awards and accolades, knowing full well that the real talented players don’t play at the high school level anymore.   They won’t be winning any local awards, but many of them will continue careers through college.  Again, not what it seems.

I’m smart enough to know that there’s always more to the story, but the fact that ticket sales was even considered in the firing of a college football coach not only fascinates me, but may even be understandable.

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  1. Tat
    March 19, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    Soooo True!

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