NXT Announces Partnership with Simax Sports

Simax Sports is Who’s NXT at NXTevents and Showcase Lacrosse events.

NXTpartnerships and Simax Sports are pleased to announce a partnership where Simax will be the exclusive events merchandise vendor at all NXTevents and Showcase Lacrosse events for the next year.

“Simax Sports is very excited to be the exclusive event merchandise sponsor for NXTsports,” Simax CEO & President Yuriy Radchuk. “Simax’s team utilizes its wealth of experience and commitment to excellence in servicing all NXT tournaments. We look forward to continue our strong relationship with NXT with a successful partnership.”

Simax has been a successful NXT partner in the past and the Simax name has become synonymous with high-quality merchandise.

“We’ve worked with Simax extensively before and Yuriy and his group are total professionals,” NXTpartnerships Director Rich Lisk said. “Simax is an industry leader and we’re incredibly excited to have them be the exclusive merchandise vendors at our events.”

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