SCMG Client Continues Its Trajectory Upwards as the Team Finishes Its Second Year

TRENTON, N.J. –Small Change Marketing Group’s (SCMG) client, the Trenton Titans Hockey Team showed strong growth for a second year in a row.  Significant strides were made in attendance and partnership dollars.

SCMG Client Trenton Titans

Photo by Shelley Szwast

In 2011, SCMG was hired to revive the fledgling Trenton hockey team. While the 2011-2012 season marked a 21% Increase in attendance over the previous year representing the largest increase of any team in the 20-team ECHL, the 2012-2013 season boasted an additional increase of 10%.  (See link below) Not since 2006 has the Trenton Franchise averaged over 3,360 fans per night.

In addition to an increase in attendance, SCMG reports an increase in partnership sales in both cash and trade representing an 8% increase in total sales over last year.   SCMG also tactically trimmed the operating deficit by 32% over the last two years.

Small Change Marketing Group has a strong and varied foundation of knowledge in the field of sports marketing, sales, and management.  SCMG has a keen understanding of how the worlds of business and sports interact and how to make those interactions profitable and beneficial for all involved – from the owners to the front office staff, from the talent to the fans, and from the community to the corporate partners. SCMG specializes in setting effective sales goals, designing campaigns to support those goals, and utilizing judicious strategies that drive results.  Efficient and effective management provide the infrastructure for success across the board.

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