SCMG Client Increases Opening Night Attendance Second Year in a Row

TRENTON, N.J. –Small Change Marketing Group’s (SCMG) client, the Trenton Titans Hockey Team have increased opening night ticket sales for the second year in a row after five years of declining ticket sales.

Titans LogoIn 2011, Small Change Marketing Group was hired by Blue Line Sports, LLC to revive the fledgling Trenton hockey team.  While opening night 2011 marked a 26% increase over the previous year, Friday’s opening night boasted an additional 4% in increased ticket sales over 2011 representing the largest opening night attendance since 2006.

In addition to increased ticket sales, Small Change has designed and is implementing a full-fledged grassroots and social media marketing campaign “Join the Nation” for the 2012-13 season focusing on the long standing history of close knit fans and partners of the Trenton Titans.  In addition to traditional marketing efforts, the campaign includes a podcast every week and a Coach’s show designed to provide fans with better access to the team and front office.  To date the campaign has reached over 182,000 people and is steadily rising.

Small Change Marketing Group has a strong and varied foundation of knowledge in the field of sports marketing, sales, and management.  SCMG has a keen understanding of how the worlds of business and sports interact and how to make those interactions profitable and beneficial for all involved – from the owners to the front office staff, from the talent to the fans, and from the community to the corporate partners. SCMG specializes in setting effective sales goals, designing campaigns to support those goals, and utilizing judicious strategies that drive results.  Efficient and effective management provide the infrastructure for success across the board.

The key to success is usually a small change.

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