Shea Flynn Launches CA$H & COOKIE$

VOL. 1 Release – Limited Edition Ski Mask Line

TRENTON, N.J. – Film Skier, Shea Flynn announced today that he has launched CA$H & COOKIE$, an online release of exclusive skiwear designed by himself.  CA$H & COOKIE$ is releasing a Limited Edition Ski Mask in response to requests for the skier’s signature style of mask only available on his website at or  CA$H & COOKIE$ (Vol. 1) will produce a limited number of signature ski masks for its inaugural line.

Photo credit: Taylor McIntosh

“I wanted to design something that  I would actually wear myself.” Shea explained, “I feel like there has been a lack of diversity within the realm of skiwear recently. CA$H & COOKIE$ is an alternative to conventional molds such as balaclavas or turtlenecks.

Shea’s signature mask represents CA$H & COOKIE$ first item in the skier’s series of limited edition releases. He will be sporting VOL. 1 while filming for his upcoming Stept Productions segment that will be released later this year.

To purchase the ski mask from CA$H & COOKIE$ or to obtain information on subsequent volumes, be sure to follow Shea at, Shea Flynn on Facebook, and @FleezyFeed on Twitter and Instagram.

Originally from Auburn, Maine, 22 year old Shea Flynn is currently a student at University of Colorado, Boulder.  With his brand on the rise, Shea is the midst of a heavy film-schedule that should prove to be one his most productive seasons to date.

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Photo credit: Taylor McIntosh

Photo credit:  Taylor McIntosh

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