Shea Flynn partners with Small Change for Representation

TRENTON, N.J. – Small Change Marketing Sports Marketing Firm Client Group announces its newly formed partnership with   22 year old Urban Skier, Shea Flynn.  Shea’s unique brand of skiing has developed into a successful film career in the ski and snow-sports world.  First with Meathead Productions, dedicated to creating innovative movies based extensively in the East, and most recently with Stept Productions whose ski and snowboard films have produced 9 full-length films with the 10th film on the way.  Shea’s most recent skiing can be seen in The Eighty Six.  Produced by Stept, the 2012 ski film presents a migration from ski resorts to cities demonstrating urban skiing while facing obstacles like broken cars, fires, law enforcement, competitions, waterparks, parents and even the Denver Bronco Security.  In addition to films, Shea can be seen in the current video series K2 Summer School (Season 2) sponsored and produced by K2 Skis.

Originally from Auburn, Maine, Shea is currently a student at University of Colorado, Boulder.  With his brand on the rise, Shea’s list of sponsors include K2 Skis, City Prospect Apparel, Marmot Outerwear, and Full Tilt Boots among others.  You can learn more about Shea and follow him at, Shea Flynn on Facebook, FleezyFeed on Instagram and

Small Change Marketing Group has a strong and varied foundation of knowledge in the field of sports marketing, sales, and management.  SCMG has a keen understanding of how the worlds of business and sports interact and how to make those interactions profitable and beneficial for all involved – from the talent to the fans, and from the community to the corporate partners. SCMG specializes in setting effective sales goals, designing campaigns to support those goals, and utilizing judicious strategies that drive results.  Efficient and effective management provide the infrastructure for success across the board.


The Eighty Six Trailer – Stept Productions featuring Shea Flynn


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