Shea Flynn Signs Partnership Deal With Black Bear Energy, LLC

TRENTON, N.J. – Urban Film Skier, Shea Flynn announced today a partnership with Black Blear 500X Energy Drink. Designed as a healthful and effective alternative to boost performance and help reach new peaks in training, Shea is excited about promoting the drink and what it stands for.

“Black Bear Energy is extremely excited to announce our partnership with Shea. Everyone at Black Bear has been a fan of his unique urban style for some time, and the opportunity to work with an athlete at the top of his sport, who shares our Maine roots is truly an amazing opportunity. Our decision was driven largely by the inherent symmetry between Black Bear’s mission to redefine consumable energy products, and Shea’s work in redefining the sport of skiing to reflect the inherent opportunities available off the mountain with urban riding.  We look forward to helping Shea utilize our unique energy products to reach new personal peaks in the future.”

Black Bear’s signature products were formulated by Dr. Amy Yasko from Maine, a renowned doctor, biochemist and leading figure in autism research and nutrigenomics.  Also from Maine, Shea’s unique brand of urban skiing has developed into a successful film career in the ski and snow-sports world.  Shea’s latest film, Mutiny, documents young, progressive skiers as they commence on a mission around the United States; using the biggest cities in the country as their work place.

Shea Black Bear 500X

Taylor McIntosh

“I love the product, and growing up in Maine, I knew I wanted to one day partner with Black Bear.” Shea adds, “I like that 500X doesn’t rely on caffeine and sugar like most energy drinks on the market.  Having a natural and health-efficient product allows me to perform at the highest level.”

Originally from Auburn, Maine, 24 year old Flynn is currently a student at University of Colorado, Boulder.  With his brand on the rise, Shea is the midst of a heavy film-schedule that should prove to be one his most productive seasons to date.  Be sure to follow Shea on Facebook, Instagram (@chiefcookies) and Twitter (@shea_flynn).

Black Bear Energy, LLC promotes healthy energy products from the Mountains of Maine. Rather than relying on caffeine and sugar used in most other energy related products, both the drink ‘500X’ and ‘Black Bear Energy Spray’ contain a unique blend of hydroxy and adenosyl B12 to naturally support energy in the body. Black Bear Energy is energy redefined. Non GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free. Contains No Artificial Sweeteners. Vitamin B12 is important for energy, for balance related sports and for endurance sports. For more information visit

Photo credit:  Taylor McIntosh

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