Small Change Marketing Group Completes Project for NXTsports

Lawrenceville, NJ – Small Change Marketing Group (SCMG) is proud to announce that we have completed the launch of the NXT Partnership Division for NXT Sports, the industry leader in youth sports events and education.

As part of our work with NXT, SCMG secured ten good fit partners, including multiyear commitments, to establish a self-sustaining partnership division. In addition to launching the NXTpartnership website, SCMG identified, priced and secured partnerships for over 30 events; created an RFP and proposal system for outside vendors; and identified new revenue streams to capitalize on the widely circulated newsletter and social media presence.

As part of our deliverables, SCMG created an analytic component, Small Change Analytics ™, to measure the return on investment of partnership dollars. According to Rebecca McDonald, Marketing Manager at Premier Orthopaedics, “Over the past year the partnership exceeded our expectations. Like a true team, we worked together to build an ongoing program to help NXT athletes prevent injury, appreciate the importance of good nutrition and also provide high quality orthopaedic care. As an added bonus, NXT provided us with an analytic service that gave us the ability to see the value and ROI of our partnership. You can’t beat that!”

“More and more companies want to see the value of their partnership dollars,” explained Rich Lisk, Principal of SCMG. “We created an analytic that can measure their ROI so that we can grow and change a partnership investment from year to year. It is the perfect tool to insure that partners are getting exactly the return they need for their financial investment they are providing.”

Small Change Marketing Group has a strong and varied foundation of knowledge in the field of sports and entertainment, and a keen understanding of how the worlds of business and sports interact and how to make those interactions profitable and beneficial for all involved. SCMG specializes in setting effective sales goals, designing campaigns to support those goals, and utilizing judicious strategies that drive results.

To learn more about SCMG and potential partnership opportunities with other SCMG clients, contact Rich Lisk at or (609) 955-1691.

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