Time to Empty the Basket

The summer’s winding down.  I can’t *&(+^& believe it!  Like many of you, along the way this summer I’ve picked up some baggage – a file of articles that need to be reread and implemented, a new pair of sneakers that need some mileage, software that will make my business more efficient, a ton of sand in the back of my jeep that needs to be swept out – I’m sure you get the picture and have your own list.  Now that September is here, it’s time to empty my proverbial basket and fill it with only things that are going to fit my life and my work moving forward.  Here’s what I’m thinking…

Vacation is over.  It felt good to wrap up early on Friday, sleeping in a bit, and early happy hours.  Assuming you’re recharged, now back to focused work.

Strategically incorporate two or three techniques or ideas that you learned in the summer – take the time necessary to implement them and restock your toolbox.  At the same time, get rid of two or three techniques that may have worked for you in the past, but no longer serve you or your business.  (Think:  getting yourself off of the daily email alerts, or opt out of lunches that are not relaxing or necessary.)

MAKE A SMALL CHANGE.  Change up your routine to keep it and yourself fresh.  Evaluate how you set up your day and change it up.  If you’re used to starting off your day trolling the internet, maybe start your day by returning phone calls and setting your meetings instead.  Review your emails, but avoid going on the internet which tends to suck time out of your day until just before lunch.

Keep incorporating exercise into your life.  It’s easy to make time for exercise in the summer, but keep it up.  You don’t have to look far to see the physical and mental benefits of exercise.  Go for a run. Attend an early class in the morning.  Leave right from work and head to the gym.  Let the dinner dishes wait until morning and take the dog for a long trek.  Throw in an early morning DVD.

Best of all, write down three things that you’re grateful for – your exceptional wife, signing a new big deal, a good glass of wine on the deck, healthy kids… you get the picture.  There’s nothing better than gratitude for keeping your life and your business growing and expanding.

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