You Never Know Where They Will Come From

Ideas come from everywhere….and I mean everywhere….about 12 years ago I started running the business side of the Trenton Titans and we put together a great Opening Night program (I was real proud)….now my 4 year old son came to the game and was so excited to see the game and the players.  He was wearing his jersey when he came into the arena and I gave him a program….he loved the stats and the pictures….he settled into his seat and started to watch the game….about halfway through the game he said, “Dad why don’t you put the players numbers next to their name because I can’t read, but I know all the players numbers and names.”….I never thought about that….”out of the mouth of babes” came a great idea that I still do to this day….be open to ideas at any time….You Never Know When They Will Come…..

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